Stock Broking

We handle the sales and purchases of shares and securities Realtime and on behalf of its clients. And, act as brokers to any primary issue in to the market.

Reconciliation, Verification & Collection of Outstanding Benefit

We handle the reconciliation of our client's investment accounts with registrars, tracing and recovering of missing and lost dividends, bonus certificates and right circulars.

Investment Advisors

We provide advisory services in all aspect of Capital market especially on financial restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, as well as public and private placement of securities, including bonds and fixed income securities.

Investment Analysis

We undertake research and valuation of securities on behalf of its clients.

Portfolio Managers

We provide portfolio management on a suitable mix of investments that suit our clients' psychology on short, medium and long - term basis by exploiting opportunities and using financial instruments that will optimize yield while minimizing possible risks.