Buy/Sell shares instantenously from the comfort of your home/office using CitiTrader.

Maximize investment opportunities at a reduced cost from the comfort of your home/office using CitiTrader.

CitiTrader enables investors trade Nigerian stocks realtime and have their buy/sell mandate keyed in instantenously on the Nigerian Stock Exchange platform.

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Why Use CitiTrader?

Real-time Trade Access

Our platform affords retail and institutional investors the opportunity to buy and sell shares of quoted companies on the Nigeria Stock Exchange; online and real-time.

Share Recovery/Unclaimed Dividend

We leverage on our expertise and cordial relationships with various registrars to promptly reconcile outstanding benefits and consolidate all your shares into one account.


We provide investment insights that can aid your investment decisions on stocks traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the NASD.

Competitive Brokerage Commission

A competitive rate of 0.4% Buy brokerage commission & 0.6 Sell brokerage commission as against the 1.35% Industry standard.

Portfolio Upswing

Tailored existing portfolios that help realize gains and take advantage of current market positions

Investment Advisory

A unique handholding relationship towards maximized investment decisions.

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